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RC Club January 2022 Fun Fly Results

Ben Blissett and Bob Kehoe Jan. 15 marked another Fun Fly day presented by the Robson Ranch RC Club. To all the spectators who attended to watch the events: a great big thanks! For some of the events in the competition, we had several planes in the air at the same time, which made for…

RC Club Fun Fly Events

Fun Fly

Bob Kehoe The first Fun Fly event for the Robson Ranch RC Club took place in October. Out of a possible 200 points, incredibly, we had three flyers earn exactly 115 points each! The honors went to Dave Hudson, Ed Brumfield, and Henry Morgan. Individually, Dave excelled in the Climb and Glide, Henry in the…

RC Club Hosts Eloy Blood Drive

Butch Spiller, club president (left), and Bill Engler, club vice president (right), at the RC Club blood drive event.

Butch Spiller The Robson Ranch RC Club, in partnership with the Civil Air Patrol and the Red Cross, sponsored a successful blood drive on Oct. 29 at Eloy Junior High School. “Our club is working to support the entire community as much as we possibly can,” said Butch Spiller, president of the RC Club.

Robson Ranch RC Club Summer Racing Results

Some of the summer award winners (left to right): Bob Kehoe, John Messenger, Dave Handlen, Darrin Ziegler, Bill Engler, Jerry Walden, Pete Cooper, Richard King, and Bill Christofferson

Bob Kehoe The Robson Ranch RC (radio control) Club wrapped up its summer 2021 racing season in mid-September, followed by an awards dinner on Sept. 30. Despite many seasonal absentee members, a regular turnout of about 15 racers competed each Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The 2021-22 winter racing season begins on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at…

FOX 10 News Features Robson Ranch Residents

Corey Goodwin interviewing Nancy Friedman at the Casa Grande Club field.

Alan Friedman Cory Goodwin, a video journalist with FOX 10 News out of Phoenix, did a special report and interviewed Robson residents on Jan. 7 at the Casa Grande RC Flyers airfield. The segment was aired that Thursday evening during the 5 p.m. broadcast. Nancy Friedman, secretary/treasurer of the Flyers, along with her husband, Alan who…

RC Club Renews Pilot Training Program

Butch Spiller Flying Director Arvin Van Ry has announced several changes to the club’s New Pilot Training Program to encourage anyone who would like to learn to fly Remote Control (RC) planes and take advantage of the club’s great opportunities. Mr. Van Ry who is an Academy of Model Aeronautics certified RC Flight Instructor and two other RC…