A Great Year for the Robson Ranch RC Club Flyers

Photo by Bob Kehoe

Photo by Bob Kehoe

Henry Morgan and Bob Kehoe

Wow, what a year 2022 was for the Robson Ranch Radio Control Club Flyers! Thanks to all for their continued support for the Dave Hudson Memorial Airfield.

We have made much progress in improving our facility and keeping it in good flying condition, plus we want to give a special call-out to those who helped to install the pavers in the pilot staging areas.

During the 2022 flying season we made considerable progress in growing attendance during our multiple flying days and Fun Fly events. Our runway was widened by 20 feet, along with being skimmed and leveled. Additionally, we added shade to the pit area, packed gravel in the parking area, added chairs (for those all-important armchair flying discussions), started Pilot Meetings with an emphasis on flying safety, added a bulletin board, and painted the work tables. We now have three AMA-certified flight instructors.

The new year appears to be just as promising as 2022 with a high level of enthusiasm and increased participation. This is a great flying club that is within the boundaries of Robson Ranch, and as our community grows so do we! Thanks to everyone for your continued support.