RC Club January 2022 Fun Fly Results

Ben Blissett and Bob Kehoe

Jan. 15 marked another Fun Fly day presented by the Robson Ranch RC Club. To all the spectators who attended to watch the events: a great big thanks!

For some of the events in the competition, we had several planes in the air at the same time, which made for an interesting observation. There were no crashes, so no one received the distinction (unwanted of course) of getting the 10-points consolation award. We had to cut the Fun Fly short for the pylon race due to strong winds suddenly appearing. The events that did take place were the taxi race, the power-off landing, and the bomb drop.

There were four competitors in the taxi race who had very close best times. First place was Ben Blissett with a time of 40 seconds, followed by Paul Hoff (41 seconds), Ed Brumfield (43 seconds), and Henry Morgan (44 seconds). Times were rounded to the nearest second.

The power-off landing demonstration competition displayed very good piloting skills. Leading the way with a perfect 50 points was Dave Boysen, followed, in order, by Ben Blissett, Paul Hoff, Brian Young, and Ed Brumfield, all with 45 points. At 30 points were Henry Morgan, Ralph Kulling, and Butch Spiller. Everyone made the runway with no planes ending up in the bushes!

The bomb drop is a difficult event to score on, but three pilots scored a perfect 50 points—the closest being Paul Hoff, who nearly hit the target cone with his bomb. The other two 50 pointers were Ed Brumfield and Ralph Kulling. Other successful bombers were Henry Morgan with 25 points and Ben Blissett with 15 points.

Finally, top honors went to Paul Hoff with 135 total points, Ed Brumfield with 125, Ben Blissett with 110, Ralph Kulling with 90, and Henry Morgan with 75.

The next Fun Fly event was Feb. 12 at the RC Club’s flying field. Scheduled events included a Bomb Drop Unlimited, Pylon Race, Balloon Bust or Dead Stick Landing, and Combat. As always, the public is more than welcome to attend.