RC Club 2022-23 Winter Season Championship Results

Larry Cronenwett, Darrin Ziegler, Don Klose

Bob Kehoe

The 2022-23 winter racing season ended for the Robson Ranch RC Club in late March. It proved to be another big success, despite having quite a few race day postponements due to the abnormal amount of rainfall we had. Averaging 30 to 35 racers each Tuesday and Thursday, fierce competition, camaraderie, and fun were the rewards.

Much of the credit for this success goes to Don Klose, who filled the role of Race Director (assisted by Darrin Ziegler) during the season. Don kept everything running smoothly, including our computerized timing and scoring system. Our dirt track surfaces, which often took a beating due to weather, were well maintained by Dave Renauld, Paul Jensen, and other volunteers.

Excluding practice days, our racers recorded a total of 34,240 laps for points on our oval track, which equates to 1,620 miles. On our road course track, we ran 17,791 laps for points, totaling 1,205 miles. In all, the club raced for roughly 2,825 miles—like driving roundtrip from here to Spokane, Wash!

The club’s summer racing season will begin on May 9 at 8 a.m. and will continue each Tuesday and Thursday through Sept. 7. Darrin Ziegler will take on the duties of Race Director. The club currently has a combined total of 96 aviators and racers. New members and spectators are always welcome, and our facilities are located right here at Robson Ranch.

For additional information, visit the club website at www.sites.google.com/view/rrrc.

2022-23 Winter Season Championship Points (top 3 by division)


Al Clark, 1,291

John McCloud, 1,268

Steve Awa, 1,260


Larry Cronenwett, 1,519

Dave Boysen, 1,319

Gene Oster, 1,308


Don Klose, 1,692

Bernie Blomer, 1,382

Bill Engler, 1,276

Four-wheel drive:

Bernie Blomer, 1,606

Bill Engler, 1,514

Paul Jensen, 1,286


Don Klose, 1,611

Bernie Blomer, 1,430

Jerry Lundberg, 1,284