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Palm Sunday at Friendship Center Church

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Vagabonds RV Club Visits the Grand Canyon

Hand-Created Birthday Cards Brighten Days

State Parties

2022 Wisconsin State Party Breaks Previous Records! Ruth Faivre On March 8, the Hermosa ballroom was filled with 190 partygoers attending the 2022 Wisconsin State Party for a night filled with food, drinks, dancing (Sierra Sound provided a wonderful array of favorite songs), and getting together with new and old friends. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves,…

Palm Sunday at Friendship Center Church

The Cast

Pat Sand Friendship Center Church held a non-traditional Palm Sunday worship on April 10 in the Laredo Room of the Ranch House. Members of the congregation acted in a play called “The Trial of Jesus.” The roles included: Caiaphas (Ken Muhlbeier), Pontius Pilate (Ron Carpenter), Judas (Jeff Dorn), King Herod (Ron Weber), Peter (Milt Calhoun),…

Paper Crafting Club Member Profile: JoAnne Scott

JoAnne’s verse memory cards

Jaine Toth “Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.” This verity iterated by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way underlies JoAnne Scott’s paper crafting projects. It’s not about her, it’s about honoring and thanking the Lord. In her quest to enhance her ability to memorize…

Hand-Created Birthday Cards Brighten Days

Birthday cards

Jaine Toth We celebrate each other! Yes, we make cards for charitable projects, and yes, we make cards for our family and friends, but we also recently began a campaign to make birthday cards for each member of our Paper Crafting Club. The response, as you no doubt realize, has been hugely positive. Being inundated…