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Radio Control University new enrolling students

Flying Lessons: Wirelessly connected transmitters are used to insure instructors can take control of a plane in case a beginner gets into trouble.

Butch Spiller, President Robson Ranch residents who are interested in learning how to fly RC planes or race RC cars can take advantage of flying and racing lessons offered by the Robson Ranch RC Club. The Robson Ranch RC Park, located at the north end of the Robson Ranch property, is a great place to…

Robson “Field of Dreams” RC Park grand opening

Dave Hudson, Melani Caron and Jeremy Smith participate in the ribbon cutting for the new RC Park.

On Friday, January 6, a grand opening ceremony was held to mark the official opening of Robson Ranch RC Club’s new facility. General Manager Melani Caron, Sales Manager Jeremy Smith and field designer Dave Hudson took part in a ribbon cutting celebrating the event. The park is located at the north end of the Robson…