RC Club prepares for new season

Members of the Robson Ranch RC Club have been preparing the Robson Ranch RC Park for club members who have been out of town for the summer.

The RC Park, which is located north of the community, is accessible by car or golf cart for all members of the club, is now two years old and needed some improvements to accommodate the club’s growing membership.

As winter residents return, they will notice that the club has rebuilt and expanded both of its RC car tracks, added a storage shed and port-o-potty, replaced the signage at the entrance to the park and added shaded work tables for racers. In addition, benches for spectators have been built and a golf cart parking area has been added. A local hobby shop has offered to send representatives to the park once a month with a supply of parts for cars damaged during races and to assist members in making repairs to their cars. The two runways for RC planes have also been enhanced.

RC car races are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. and spectators are welcome.

The club is encouraging women to compete with men during the winter season and new members are joining every week requiring the park improvements.

Club membership is open to all Robson Ranch residents who are interested in RC car racing or flying RC planes.

For more information, contact Butch Spiller at 770-265-0358.