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Creating a Glass Landscape Masterpiece

Ella Kubrick

The Fused Glass Club is full of very imaginative members. Not only do we make bowls, trays, or plates, but we also create works of art. By using slabs of beautiful glass or layering different colors of powdered glass, a stunning background is created. Next, you cut different shapes to place on top of your background.…

Robson Ranch RC Club Summer Racing Results

Some of the summer award winners (left to right): Bob Kehoe, John Messenger, Dave Handlen, Darrin Ziegler, Bill Engler, Jerry Walden, Pete Cooper, Richard King, and Bill Christofferson

Bob Kehoe The Robson Ranch RC (radio control) Club wrapped up its summer 2021 racing season in mid-September, followed by an awards dinner on Sept. 30. Despite many seasonal absentee members, a regular turnout of about 15 racers competed each Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The 2021-22 winter racing season begins on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at…

Material Girls Update

At the Nov. 13 Craft Fair, you can purchase tickets for your chance to win this beautiful quilt made by the Material Girls

Patty LaCriox The Material Girls are anxious for the return of the Craft Fair being held on Saturday, Nov. 13, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom. This event is the primary source of income for the club, which allows quilters, sewing enthusiasts, machine embroiderists, and garment sewers to use the all-encompassing equipment…