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Diana Madaras Paints the Saguaro

Color of Love by Diana Madaras

Visit the Madaras Gallery Jan. 1 through 31 for Diana Madaras Paints the Saguaro. Madaras is known for her colorful depictions of the Sonoran Desert landscape. In this collection of saguaro “portraits,” Diana captures the animated spirit of Tucson’s favorite native cactus. Madaras Gallery is located at 3035 N. Swan Road, and is open seven days a…

Word of the Month: Quincunx

Saturn V rockets in quincunx formation. I took the picture last September while touring the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas. Note the quincunx pattern at the bottom of the rocket.

David Zapatka While reading The Labours of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey in my book-reading group, I ran across the familiar word “quincunx” and had to reach back in my memory to recall where I had been exposed to this word before. Quincunx noun quin·cunx | ˈkwin-ˌkəŋ(k)s 1. an arrangement of five objects with four at the…