Write On Authors Gift Library with Books

Jaine Toth and Ronda Olson

Ronda Olson, Carolyn Wittman, and Eddie Peters are three of numerous library volunteers. On Sept. 2, these three welcomed and thanked resident authors who presented them with donated copies of their books and an enticing taste of each.

Authors were impressed with the efficient running and setup of the library. All three stated they love books, and both Eddie and Ronda agreed with Carolyn that books can “transport you anywhere.” Team Leader Ronda is a retired librarian from Roosevelt School District in Phoenix. Carolyn was a middle school librarian in District 20, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Eddie volunteered at the public library in Cave Creek.

We asked how they came to take on the library task. Ronda explained the former head of the library, Nancy Watt, resigned. An email went to all residents asking for volunteers. These three along with others heeded the call.

Members of our Write On writer’s workshop who donated books were Bensonetta (Bennie) Lane, Judiann (Judi) Lewinski, Bob Rice, Jaine Toth, and Suzanne Williams joined by former Robson resident Pam Witt. Susanne Perry donated but was unable to join in person. Other authors unable to attend will also be dropping off donated books.

Want to read the works of your neighbors? The following are now part of the inventory.


Children’s books can be enjoyed by adults too! Read along with a child or check out a copy for yourself.

The Red Wagon Heroes, by Judiann Lewinski. Illustrated by the author, pictures and text teach children simple strategies for how to be kind which, in turn, makes them heroes.

It All Started in Africa, by Suzanne Bowman Williams. A rhythm and rhyme picture book for young children tells one family’s history, beginning in Africa up to the present day and conveys to readers why it’s important to make good choices and have courage and determination to follow through. This is the story of Suzanne’s own family and the power of their choices that positively changed the trajectory of their family’s history.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: with Zebras, by Pam Witt. An advocate for the preservation of wild animals, Pam’s informative and inspirational presentations are now being put into book form in a format that engages young minds. The zebra book is the first to be published. The book features Pam’s three Boston Terriers who take readers through the animal family and social life, anatomical structure, and eating habits; a comprehensive yet easily comprehended compendium of zoological information. Pam’s book on rhinos will soon be available.

Mystery Lovers

Fugitive Witness, by Bob Rice. An average young woman, who can barely get through life on her own, finds herself collateral damage in a mob hit. Her husband is killed, she is threatened. She is being chased…or is she…by the mob? the government? local police? She does not know.

Runaway, by Susanne Perry. A runaway is found dead in an alley. Who is she? Why is she living on the street? The answers lie deep within the community of street dwellers, often ignored or invisible. To find the young woman’s killer, Sergeant Liz Jordan and Officer Kyle Connors must earn the trust of people without permanent addresses and who don’t trust the establishment. Delving deep into a world of uncertainty and danger, the investigation uncovers a web of deceit and exploitation that preys on the most vulnerable. Runaway is the first novel in the City Streets Trilogy.


Dizzy Izzy & The Red Witch: Memories of My Parents, by Jaine Ellen Toth. Per author Marlene Macke: “Jaine Toth has written a loving tribute to her parents and family. You will find the stories endearing, poignant, witty, honest, and insightful. You will laugh out loud and shed a tear or two. And when you finish it, you’ll think, ‘And I thought my family was eccentric!’ This is a delightful read.”

Typically Robson Ranch Library books are checked out and returned using an honor system. These signed books donated by the authors are to be checked out in writing using the form available in the library. For details, contact Ronda at [email protected].