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The Cards Were Flying in the Ranch House

Susan Brunell, 2022 MasterMind! Robson Ranch Blackjack Champion

It was a roller-coaster evening in the Cheyenne/Laredo Room on November 9. There was joy one minute—and despair the next.

Yes, we are talking about the 2022 MasterMind! Blackjack Tournament of Champions. There were wins, losses, and everything in between.

The 24 players in the field included Phil Brunell, the 2021 champion who returned to try to defend his title. There were hits, stands, 21s, busts, tough decision-making, and all else through the six qualifying rounds. Players kept a careful eye on the running scoreboard to see who was accumulating enough points to earn a seat at the final table.

Incredible volunteers were on hand to shuffle cards, hand out event programs, keep score, and all else.

Jill Copeland did an awesome job of dealing the six positions at Table No. 1. Sam Ellis was the affable and charming dealer at Table No. 2.

The chosen charity for this MasterMind! event was The Valley Humane Society (TVHS). Lisa Hunt did a wonderful job of representing TVHS. And, $442 was collected in connection with door prize tickets. Janet and David Renauld deserve thanks for donating their 50-50 raffle prize back to the charity.

This event went down to the wire. It was the slimmest of winning margins in tournament history. After completing eight hands of blackjack at the final table, Susan Brunell claimed the championship with 27 total chips. Two players tied for second with 26 chips each.

The duo of Brunell (Sue) and Brunell (Phil) seem to do well at blackjack. Good on them!

Many thanks to all those who were on hand for the MasterMind! Blackjack Tournament of Champions. It was quite a “deal.”