Get Back into the Swing of Things

Dave, Bob, Gary, Joe, and Jim get ready to hit the courts.

The Tennis Club of Robson Ranch has many activities planned for the 2022–23 season. Why not check out the bulletin board, which is located at the side doors of the Sports Club, to get involved!

Women hit the courts three to four days a week. Monday and sometimes Thursday mornings are dedicated to playing doubles in a social round robin format; Wednesday and Friday mornings are dedicated to playing sets in a more competitive format.

Larry Haistings organizes and sets up most of the men’s play, which can be Tuesday or Friday mornings or Thursday evenings; but depending on player availability, he opens up play other days of the week.

Mixed play is on Saturday mornings. Times for all of the above-mentioned play are variable; contact any executive board member or sign-up genius for that information.

The first of our four home intercommunity tournaments occurred on Nov. 5 against SunBird starting at 9 a.m. After five hours of amazing, competitive tennis, Robson won 12 points with SunBird winning four and one tie. As of this writing, the Nov. 19 intercommunity tournament against Springfield has not been played.

Interested in getting back into tennis or even in trying it out? Contact Larry or any other executive board member; you can find the contact info on the bulletin board. For only $20 a year, you can get clinics, work with the ball machine, join in the social round robin, play in any Friday Night Social (second Friday of each month), and attend the socials. Three more intercommunity tournaments are planned for 2023 with one of them being an away match. And in the planning stages is an in-house social tournament.

So pick up your tennis racket, and let’s get started! Contact any executive board member whose contact information is located on the bulletin board.