Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup: Enjoy Premium Cigars, Great Company, and Smooth Scotch

Drawing prizes we have at each event

Hello neighbors! Picture a place where the finest cigars perfume the air, where relaxation meets great company, and where scotch flows effortlessly. Welcome to the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup! Since we began in July 2023, our monthly gatherings have become the top destination for those who appreciate luxury and camaraderie.

Set aside the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for our meetup. Each month, a different neighbor hosts our gathering, opening their home to our friendly group. Our goal is simple: to create a relaxed environment where everyone, from beginners to seasoned cigar lovers, can unwind. Enjoy the best cigars and scotch and engage in conversations with people who share your interests.

A Community With Cigars

Our community has grown more than we could have imagined, thanks to our welcoming atmosphere. It’s not just about cigars; it’s about building friendships, sharing stories, and finding the perfect scotch to pair with your cigar.

David Murray, our host in May, shared, “The Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup feels like a second home. Sharing a cigar and a drink here isn’t just an activity; it’s a connection that brings us closer together. We’re eagerly looking forward to our next meetupit’s going to be incredible!”

Want to learn more about the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup? Visit us at and join us for an experience filled with great vibes, wonderful company, and the best of life’s pleasures.

Contact Information

Mike Weinberger

Email: [email protected]


Join us at the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup, where every cigar and drink is a celebration of relaxation and enjoyment.