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RRLGA Solheim Cup

The Red and Blue Teams dressed to win! Golf pro Jay Wilson keeps the two rival teams separated.

Pam Mumy Every two years, the best professional women golfers from Europe and the USA go head-to-head in a matchplay golf tournament called the Solheim Cup. In August of this year, the Solheim Cup will be played in the USA at Inverness Country Club in Toledo, Ohio. To honor the event, the Robson Ranch Ladies…

Robson Ranch Softball Profile: Keith Uhlenbrauch

Keith Uhlenbrauch

Ken Muhlbeier Born in Appleton, Wis., Keith Uhlenbrauch lost his father at an early age, but there was no lack of discipline, as his mother enrolled him in a Catholic grade school. “The nuns had us toe the line,” says Keith. “I can remember getting hit by the ruler more than once.” Keith first started…

Men’s Golf Club Champion for 2021

Five time Robson Ranch Arizona Golf Club Champion Jim Baxter with his trophy and Tournament Chairman John Lewis.

John Lewis Jim Baxter won a hard fought second day of the championship, holding off a valiant effort from Bill Schaible, making a tense four-and-a-half-foot putt to seal the match. Jim leaves Robson Ranch in May, after many happy years here, to spend his retiring years nearer his family.