This Present Darkness

Pastor Larry Sundin, Rock Springs Church

Things have changed a lot in our country since we were children. When we were young, we’d play with our buddies till the sun went down, or till our mother’s called us home. Back then, no one locked their doors or lived in fear of predators. Neighbors knew one another, supported one another, and looked after one another. In some ways, living at Robson reminds us of those days. Our neighborhoods are filled with friendly, caring people who look out for one another. And that’s a real blessing. Yet it’s this neighborly blessing that reminds us that much of the rest of the world has changed, and not for the better. My 2- and 4-year-old grandsons have a beautiful park, pool, and playground in the housing complex where they live. But their parents would never just send them out to play without supervision. Whenever my oldest used to walk back to her dorm on the campus of Oregon State, she would call her mother, knowing that being on her cellphone was a deterrent to any would be stalkers. That same daughter led a team on campus that helped other women become aware of the human trafficking tragedy taking place in their state. Both of my daughters grew up hearing of the shootings at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech. As a result, part of their education was to learn what to do in case an active shooting ever unfolded on their campus. Today, every school has a protocol in place if this tragic reality ever occurs.

All this to say, is that, yes, things have changed in our country since we were children. Today, we’re being forced to accept and even affirm ideologies we never thought would be considered normal. Today, we can’t turn on the television or check out the internet without being bombarded by a steady stream of bad news. And even with all our technological and educational advances, we can’t seem to stem the growing tide of immorality, injustice, and evil that’s inflicting our culture.

However, the good news is that God’s Word does have something to say about living in the midst of this present darkness. It explains why evil exists, why bad things happen, and how it’s possible to thrive and even shine your light in the darkness. That’s why in the month of May, at Rock Springs Church, we will begin a new teaching series from the Old Testament book of Daniel. For like our day, Daniel was forced to live in the darkness of a culture that was far removed from the one he was raised in. He was forced to live in a place where the people didn’t share his view of what is right or wrong. And he was forced to live in a world that was hostile to his faith. Yet, it was in his present darkness that Daniel not only survived but found a way to thrive without ever compromising his faith. So, if this present darkness is getting you down, why not join us this May as we open up the ancient Scriptures that speak so timely to our day. Rock Springs Church worships every Sunday at 9 a.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom. We’d love to encourage your faith in the midst of present darkness.