Women’s Bible Retreat

Becky, Nancy, Lynda, and Nancy attended the retreat

Kathy Muhlbeier and Donna Shepherd

On April 3 and April 4, a women’s Bible Retreat was held in the Hermosa Room. Along the Hermosa Room walls, individual rooms of your house were prominently displayed starting with the study and continuing to the dining room, the living room, the recreation room, and the bedroom, ending with the dreaded hall closet. Each room was to be “cleaned out” so that Jesus could come and sit with you in His presence.

Thank you to the facilitators who met monthly beginning in August planning the eventDebbie Olguin, CJ Azaria, Donna Shepherd, Kathy Muhlbeier, Nancy Mize, Lynn Bishop, Linda Gayer, Ivy Berger, and Sherri Mitchell. A continental breakfast and a salad bar/baked potato bar were provided on the second day.

A special thanks goes to Chet Kwiat for providing the worship music and to Pastor Larry Sundin for promoting and supporting the retreat. Heather and her staff did an incredible job in setting up the tables, keeping the drink station filled, and providing lunch.