The Vagabonds Did It Up Good This Time!

Vagabonds visiting Yuma included: Clark and Teresa Jo Fletcher, Ron and Sandy Fish, Gene and Sharon Bond, Brian and Gloria Younge, Mike and Brenda Allibone, Lee and Renee Kleinjan, Henry and Kathy Morgan, Rick and Linda Millard, Ed and Kim Brumfield, Lynne Chellew and Randee Frost, Kerry and Dian Metzger, and Gary and Marita Hickman

Vagabonds behind bars!

Marita Hickman

The Robson Ranch Vagabonds headed straight to jail without passing Go. RV ranchers gathered at Desert Paradise RV Resort in Yuma, Ariz., Jan. 11 through 15. Once home base was set up, campers ventured off to nearby attractions, such as Yuma Territorial Prison, the first state prison in Arizona, which had them behind bars within minutes. Most avoided the dark cell where prisoners were fed only bread and water.

Happy hours were full of laughter, stories, margaritas, and snacks, and each camper adopted a new name to describe their personality. The adventurous headed to Algadones, Mexico, for a day of shopping, eating, and of course margaritas. Some selected the dental chair instead, and all made it home safely.

A highlight was visiting the Castle Dome City and Hull Mine. After a tooth-rattling ride of 7 miles of bumpy dirt road, they were all happy to get there without incident. The city was full of mining artifacts, buildings, and history. The mine contains one of the largest geodes dancing with vibrant colors. The oldest pair of Levis jeans was found in this mine, dating back to 1880.

Food is always a part of their adventure. The rally kicked off with a delicious taco bar thanks to everyone’s participation. A visit to Lutes Casino Saloon in old downtown Yuma not only had good food but the walls and ceiling, and every available space, reminded us of Lutes and Yuma. The plates served up at Famous Dave’s BBQ were not for the faint of heart, encouraging couples to share a plate. The sign on the wall said “Eat like a pig” so they did. Of course, we must mention the delicious biscuit and gravy breakfasts. Thanks to Gary Hickman for heading this up.

The rally closed with a bang on Saturday night, exercising their vocal talents they didn’t know they had while encouraging outside visitors to join along with them. Thanks to Ron and Sandy Fish for sharing their karaoke talents. Sunday morning, all campers packed up to return to the Ranch. Until the next time!