Friends of Pinal Helps Save Lives

This kitten is Maple—she needed a rear leg amputated after being thrown from a car.

Linda Lyon

Established in early 2020, the Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter and Rescues (FoP) has raised more than $70K to support Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC) and their supporting rescue organizations.

In March 2022, we collaborated with the SaddleBrooke Dog Park Association (SDPA), to fundraise for a new commercial washer/extractor for PCACC. We raised almost $8K and volunteers (when available) run the machine all day long just to keep up with demand.

Then in November, the SDPA held a fundraising dinner that raised more than $2K with another $5.5K donated at the event. This funding bought materials volunteers used to make 125 platform beds and repair many more in the future.

These fundraising efforts successfully supported vital facility and equipment needs, but represent just a portion of our efforts. The majority of our budget, which comes from generous individual donors, is allocated to providing critical lifesaving and specialty medical care to the animals at PCACC and supporting rescues.

With these funds, we have helped individual animals needing treatment for parvo, heartworm, valley fever, and one who has seizures; in addition to surgeries for fractures, damaged hips, and prolapse issues. We have also been able to purchase equipment for the clinic room, allowing a greater number of animals to receive treatment when a veterinarian staffs the clinic.

We are extremely grateful to our donors, as well as organizations such as SaddleBrooke’s Friday Quilters who have donated several quilts we’ve raffled to raise funds.

Another of our important partners is SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network (SBPRN) which recently donated more than $4K to purchase medical equipment for PCACC. For those who wonder what the difference is between SBPRN and FoP, it really comes down to the area of focus. SBPRN is highly impactful in helping facilitate adoptions through shelter and rescue groups and assisting in pet placement and rehoming in both Pima and Pinal Counties. FoP is solely focused on assisting PCACC (and supporting rescues) by funding lifesaving emergency veterinary care, and other necessities to enhance adoptability.

Speaking of focus, that’s what our newly expanded FoP Board of Directors has been doing recently. In early December, we held a strategic planning session to focus on the long-term sustainability of the organization. We articulated our vision, mission and goals on our retooled website at and our new trifold brochure.

We are proud that we continue to attract the attention of a variety of donors. One recent grant for $10K is crucial to PCACC’s ability to provide more timely and cost-effective medical care capabilities. Although just one-seventh of our budget for 2023, it is a shot in the arm we believe will produce big returns. And, as our organizational values include integrity, trust, transparency, and accountability, we’ve procured the services of a professional accountant to help maintain your confidence in our operations.

Friends of Pinal is indeed on a roll and we are so grateful for the push you’ve given us to sustain the effort and now, pick up speed. Together, we can do this because … they (the dogs and cats of PCACC) are counting on us!