Robson’s Got Talent 2023

The performers in Robson’s Got Talent 2023, left to right: Pete Marks, Rich Marks, Janet Bennett, Ken McCarthy, Betty Jones, Barb Wray, Sam Ellis, Dennis Bierman, John Sutton, Gerri Bradley, and Patricia Ambrose

Dennis Bierman, winner of Robson’s Got Talent 2023

It was a splendid evening in the Hermosa Ballroom on Jan. 19. Robson’s Got Talent 2023 was a jam-packed event, with no seat unfilled.

The community came together. There were performers, event hosts, door greeters, judges, a stage crew, a production coordinator, a sound engineer, those who collected donations for the Valley Humane Society, and many others.

Eight acts were presented. There were singers, instrumentalists, dancers, and a stand-up comedian. Each act, like the television show, included interactions with judges.

The audience was into it. They expressed enthusiasm for the talent of fellow residents.

The panel of judges, headed by Chris Blume, faced tough choices about who to advance to the final round of competition. Seriously, they broke out their cell phones and used advanced calculator functions to add up the points.

Eventually, Gerri Bradley, Ken McCarthy, and Dennis Bierman were selected as finalists. Playing in expert fashion on his drums, Dennis Bierman emerged as champion and was extremely touched by the honor.

Dennis was awarded a marvelous trophy, a $50 gift card to the Hideout Steakhouse, and two premium tickets to the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s Symphony  No. 7.

It is important to note the recognition of Rich Marks. He has been a significant part of our community’s musical scene for several years—without any expectation for fanfare. Rich was called onto the dance floor by the Master of Ceremonies (Randy Oaks) and given a $50 gift card to the Hideout Steakhouse.

Barb Wray also deserves a special shout-out. She did a marvelous job of waltzing with her dance partner. Barb was awesome in every possible way.

Gerri Bradley and her ensemble did extremely well. As did Pete Marks, Betty Jones, and Patricia Ambrose with vocal performances.

John Sutton was solid on the guitar. And no one will forget Ken McCarthy’s folksy act, comedic nature, and singing.

Likewise, everyone has unforgettable stuff in their hearts and minds that came from Janet Bennett’s comedic routine.

Life-changing door prizes were awarded throughout the evening. Everyone went home in a wonderful spirit.