The Roving Ranchers Are Official

Pat Sand

The Roving Ranchers is now the official social and travel club for Robson Ranch. As a recognized club, we have the support of the HOA and Robson Ranch.

With more than 500 members, this club is now one of the largest at Robson Ranch. And what does this club do? We go places! Joe Murauskis, president of the club, selects unique and interesting places in the area that are of interest to residents here at the Ranch. Anyone can join this club and participate in activities that you find interesting. Some of the activities the club has done in the past: the Dolly Steamboat; Singing Pandas restaurant; Throwback Family Fun; Laughlin, Nev.; and a Caribbean cruise.

So what activities are planned for the future? Currently two cruises are planned. One in April 2024 that is a river cruise from Parish to the English Channel and back. Another cruise is planned for January 2025 from San Diego to the Mexican coast and back. The Ranchers official travel consultant is resident Lori Rogers ([email protected]). She manages all the cruise trips.

The most recent trip was July 20 when the Ranchers drove to the top of Mount Lemmon to have lunch—a fun trip that not only has beautiful scenery but also cooler temps.

The Ranchers also manage the two golf cart parades here at Robson. The Halloween parade is scheduled for Oct. 31 and the Christmas parade is a date in December still to be determined. To participate, all you need is a golf cart (decorations are a must!) or a bicycle. You can also just watch the parade and not participate in it. The specific route will be posted on the Roving Ranchers website on

Join the Roving Ranchers on to keep up with all the planned adventures as well as sign up for activities. If you have some ideas of fun things the club can do, please notify Joe Murauskis at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you on our next adventure! Happy roving!