The MasterMind! Robson Ranch Cash Golf Cart Hits the Streets

Be on the lookout for the Cash Golf Cart! Periodically, it roams the community in search of those who want to win outrageous sums of money.

Here is how it works. Those who are enjoying the outdoors while exercising, walking their dog, or the like, might be approached by the Cash Golf Cart. They will be asked three trivia questions. Each question is worth $1. A contestant can pocket the money at any point and walk away. However, if there is an incorrect answer to any question, the game is over and no cash is awarded.

All of the action is quite riveting. And, importantly, there is no cost for anyone to play the game.

Listen for the telltale music, “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” that is sounded by the Cash Golf Cart as it drives up and down the streets.