So many books, so little time – Join a book club

Do you love to read? This is probably a question that you have asked yourself on numerous occasions! Have you ever finished reading a book and desperately wanted to discuss it with someone? For those of you who answered “yes,” a book club may be what you’re needing!

“Reading Between the Wines” is a book club that was started in November of 2009, here at the Ranch. Although some members have moved and some have left the group, there are still a number of members who have been here from the start! And that’s not the only book club here! There are at least three more established groups on the property! What better way to share your love of books than with others?

Our most recent book that we read is My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. Elena tells the story of two girls growing up in the post-World War II town of Naples, Italy in the 1950s. Our discussion of how the girls’ lifelong friendship and conflicts within the neighborhood transform their relationship transported us to the ghetto where they grew up. After discussing the book, snacks are served and, of course, there is always wine! It’s always interesting to hear everyone’s ideas on a book.

Are you interested in forming a book club? It’s easy to do! All you need are two or more to start the club. The biggest challenge is determining what book should be read.