Break out of the summer workout slump

Do you suffer from those summertime workout blues? The summer is long and your workout has hit a “blah” point. So, how can you break out of this hum-drum feeling that you may have about exercise? Just like a writer who hits a writer’s block, exercise enthusiasts can hit an exercise slump. Before you know what is happening, you have put your workout shoes away and planted your rear on the couch for another re-run of Cheers. Below are some ideas to help you break through that summertime exercise rut.

1. For the next week, put your regular workout aside, and instead focus on adding a new type of workout or class. Your body will thank you for changing it up. The Sports Club offers many different options for all different fitness levels. Maybe you need to take your treadmill workout to new heights, literally, so add an incline to your workout. Any type of movement is exercise…just moving your body differently can help make a change.

2. Don’t let your workout time compete with your recreational time. Are you trying to schedule a workout when most likely, something else will come up and your workout gets put aside? Consider changing your hour-long workout to 30 minutes. Change your morning workout to an afternoon workout even if it’s one time a week. After dinner, an evening walk can be quite pleasant to get you up and away from the TV or computer.

3. If your strengthening workout usually consists of one to two sets of 12 reps on the machines, then go for a set of 30 reps at a low weight. High-endurance sets will work your muscles differently. Adding endurance strength training means quicker, higher-intensity workouts.

4. Do you feel like your energy level is low or non-existent? It may be time to review your daily eating patterns. Are you eating enough? Try eating a nutritional treat within the first 30 to 60 minutes after your workout. Your body will absorb those important nutrients and replace your energy needs.

5. Are you letting your body recover long enough after exercise? Do you push yourself hard every day? Be sure that you give yourself at least 24 hours between cardiovascular workouts, running, walking and or cycling. Take one week to power down and go with lower intensity workouts.

6. Set a short-term goal — one that is realistic. If you need to lose 20 pounds, then focus on losing four to five pounds in a month rather than setting a goal that will take a few months to achieve. Stay away from forming long-term goals or ones that will take a while to see.

Whatever you decide to do, stick to it for a week or two, and then change things up again. If you fall off the wagon, pull up your boots and start again. It’s all about making progress, not achieving perfection.