Sincerest thanks to Robson Ranch residents from Support Our Troops – Arizona

As spring draws down and summer approaches, I know that many of you soon will be leaving Robson Ranch for northern climes or exotic places, while the rest of us settle down to the quiet routine of summer life in Arizona. On behalf of the board members of SOT-AZ and the beneficiaries of your generosity-our military retirees, veterans and families and active troops and their families-I wish to thank all of you for your continuing generous and enthusiastic support. Please travel safely, or enjoy the tranquility if you are staying here. We look forward to your return in the fall, or to the summer of social events at RR with you.

SOT-AZ is one of the many active clubs here at RR. However, unlike many of our clubs, our focus is not entertainment, athletics, fun, creative arts or activities that challenge your minds and bodies. Our mission is dedicated to the health, welfare and support of our heroes in the military. Through the efforts of SOT-AZ members and other RR residents, we have been able to raise more than $65,000 during the past year. SOT-AZ has raised several hundred thousand dollars since its incorporation in 2011 and helped hundreds of veterans, retirees, active military and their families with urgent, emergency and immediate needs that cannot be handled within 24 hours, seven days/week by governmental and non-governmental organizations. Often, SOT-AZ is the source of last resort for those in a crisis.

We on the board of directors take the trust and investment you place in us seriously to be responsible and thoughtful stewards of the funds you have helped generate from your efforts. Every cent generated by SOT-AZ fundraising is committed to our troops. Every officer and member of SOT-AZ is an unpaid volunteer. Most of your current board members are not veterans, but we are as committed to and focused on our mission to serve our troops as the original small group of veterans and retirees who conceived, organized and chartered SOT-AZ. We are dedicated to honor, respect, support and love our troops.

SOT-AZ is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. It is incorporated in the State of Arizona. Federal and state regulations govern the activities and accountability of SOT-AZ. Under sunshine laws, our meetings are open to all and we would welcome your attendance. Membership is open to all RR residents and we do welcome sustaining memberships from our Pinal County businesses and sponsors. SOT-AZ is a viable organization only because of you who join and volunteer to serve. The contributions of the RR community make the time commitments of the SOT-AZ board members and Veterans Day volunteers seem modest.

As you travel or as you enjoy life here in RR, I would hope that you might keep SOT-AZ and our Veterans Day fundraising activities in mind. SOT-AZ organizers would appreciate donations of artistic creations and crafts and other thoughtful items for our bake sale, raffle and live auction. Your donations of golf packages, vacation stays and certificates from tradesmen, restaurants and services have been key elements to our fundraising efforts.

Thanks again for your support and for taking the time to read this note. We would welcome your participation.

Tom Walton, President; Dan Conrad, Vice President; BJ Foster, Secretary; Pat Jegge, Treasurer; Esther Aar, Director; Wayne Moritz, Director and Ray Jegge, Director.