Rock Springs Life

Larry Sundin

Rock Springs Church is people helping people become friends and followers of Jesus. As a church it has been a great joy to see how Rock Springs has become a vital piece of the community here at Robson Ranch as have seen many people here who have made Rock Springs their Church family. Yet as much as we love everyone who calls Rock Springs their Church home, God has also placed a burden on our hearts for the community that surrounds us.

One way God has led us to begin blessing our community is to connect us with the Santa Cruz Valley Food Bank. After taking an initial offering to help fill the freezers and pantry of the food bank back in October, we’ve now committed to helping fill food boxes every month. In fact the Santa Cruz Valley Food Bank distributes somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 food boxes each year, and over 4,000 homes receive some kind of assistance. So the need is great, and we are glad to do our small part, but we are just getting started.

In March we invited Lucy Rangel of CAHRA (Community Action Human Resources Agency) to meet with us on a Sunday morning where she shared other ways we might partner with them to help those who are less fortunate. So we are currently building a team to help with food distribution each month and looking at these other opportunities. If you are interested in serving with us, we encourage you to connect with Steve Bishop at 480-861-9882 who oversees this area of ministry at Rock Springs.

We also want to remind you that Rock Springs Church continues to worship every Sunday morning during the summer months at 9:00 a.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom. We would love to have you join us. We are currently looking at Life in the Story of God and are greatly encouraged to see how God never gives up on us. So if you’re looking for a church family or if you’d like to worship with some great people, come and join us some Sunday morning. And remember, you can always check us out online at God is good and very much alive at Rock Springs Church!