Robson Ranchers Helping Students Reach Their Artistic Potential

Student artwork

Nancy Friedman

I went to the Student Art Show of the Eloy Toltec Elementary School on May 2. I was so happy to see the use of the supplies the colored “Pencil Pushers” presented to Sheri Roberts for her students. Sheri’s ideas to encourage her students were amazing. I may steal some for our Wednesday workshops!

I think some of my most favorite were:

* Making each finger on your hand a different texture

* Imagining what you would put in a snow globe

* Taking half of a magazine picture and asking the student to finish the other half

* Drawing musical instruments and a microphone

Because of those who purchased raffle tickets at the Robson Ranch March Arts and Crafts Show, these student projects were possible. Thank you.

Imagining what you would put in a snow globe