Robson Ranch Mixed Putting League

Mona Rod and Gloria Lamere

The Putting League has become more popular every year at Robson Ranchso much so that for the past three seasons we have had two “shifts” every other week. The 2023-24 season was even more popular, and found us having people on waiting lists every session. We held a happy hour in the ballroom to celebrate its success and to thank all of our loyal putters.

We had about 140 people attend the happy hour, so it was great to have so many of you come and enjoy some extra time together with all of our putting friends! Thanks again to Jay Wilson for providing the beer and all his support of our league.

For those of you who missed the happy hour, here are a few fun facts about the past couple seasons of Putting League:

* We have had over 300 active players in each of the last two seasons, with an average of 160 to 165 players at each event.

* We have given out over $4,000 in credit book winnings already this season, and over $3,000 last season.

* We have given out almost $3,000 in cash Money Hole winnings this season, and over $3,000 last season.

* There have been numerous repeat Money Hole winners over the past two seasons: Greg Angle, Nanci Bounds, Bob Bruers, Kevin Ehrman, Marcee Farrand, Terry Gores, Peter Guindon, Jim Iverson, Don Juckins, Bruce Lattimer, Rick Millard, Larry Morrin, Steve Ogrodowski, and Bob O’Neale are all two-time Money Hole winners; Curt Beling, Jim Blair, Dave Emory, DuWayne Lamere, and Joseph McGree are all three-time winners; and Dennis Hinkley takes the throne as a four-time Money Hole winner. Awesome!

* A special shout-out goes to Joseph McGree on his wins, though, as he really made each of his three Money Hole wins counthe cashed in for $178, $273,and $294, for a total of $745 in Money Hole winnings. Way to go, Joseph.

Our final Putting League day this season was April 24. Have a wonderful summer, and see you this fall!