Down the Rabbit Hole

Jeri Srenaski and daughter Anne Petersen

Chris Ogrodowski and MaryLou Walton

Leslie Fleming and Toyoko Hawkins

Pam Mumy

Robson Ranch Ladies Golf Association took a trip “down the rabbit hole” for its annual Member Guest Tournament held on March 11 and 12. Members invited friends or relatives to partner for the two-day competition.

“Alice in Golferland” was the theme, and it proved to be a fun and creative event. Led by committee co-chairs Lanette Inman and Barbara Gayer, Day One was a net game for nine holes and a Chapman Scotch for nine holes. It was also a “Curiouser and Curiouser” fun day of decorated carts, Alice costumes, and margaritas. The Pink Flamingo croquet mallet on hole number 8 made us all thankful to have our real putters back on the next hole. Dinner and awards followed in the Hermosa Ballroom. Beautiful baskets were raffled, and the silent auction items went to the highest bidder.

Day Two was a bit more serious as members and guests competed in an 18hole net game against others in their flight. Lunch was again served in the Hermosa Ballroom and winners of the tournament as well as Closest to the Pin winners were announced.

Not once did we hear, “Off with her head!” But the twoday fun event left us all knowing that “We’re all mad here!”

Day One Winners

Pam Coster and Darleen Sims

Robin Barber and Nicole Barber

Sally Fullington and Brenda Sessions

Karen Connell and Coleen Myers

Patti Baumann and Becca Couch

Day Two Winners

Diane Penner and Lynette Martin

Laura Manning and Ronda Rogers

Jeanie Bales and Karen Studer

Susan Schneider Miller and Lynn Dungan

Lanette Inman and Mary LaFaver