Pickleball End-of-the-Year Party

Beth Sulek-LaHousse

The Robson Ranch Arizona Pickleball Club celebrated the end of the year with a huge party at the pickleball courts. Over 300 of our 632 members attended on March 28. There were carnival games, a photo booth, bocce ball, cornhole, and a cake walk to give the members something fun to do while waiting for their pickleball game to start.

The pickleball games were fun, having a mixture of levels playing with each other during “Cuatro Pickleball.” We had eight players on a court, and once a player hit the ball, they had to get off the court so another player could hit the ball. If anyone hit the ball twice in a row, the point was over due to a fault. Lots of laughter was heard during the three one-hour games and most everyone had a fun time getting to learn a new game, as well as other members who they don’t usually play with.

After the pickleball games, the members enjoyed a light dinner while waiting to hear if they won one of the 50+ door prizes. Soon after dinner, The Guitar Slinger entertained us with all kinds of music. Lots of line dancing songs gave many members the ability to show off their line dancing skills. A special thank you to the committee (Beth Sulek-LaHousse, Ronda Olson, Karl and Patty Tauscher, Cindy Dix, Janet Renauld) for putting on such a great event and for all the volunteers we had to run the carnival and pickleball games. At the end of the night, members went away with smiles on their faces and pickleball in their hearts.