Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup: Where Fine Cigars Hang Out with Great Company and Scotch

Croix de Taizé (photo by Surfnico, own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Hey there, picture this: a place where the air smells like a dream with the finest cigars, where the vibe is all about kicking back with awesome folks, and where the scotch flows smoother than silk. Yep, you got itit’s the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup. Since we kicked things off back in July 2023, our monthly gatherings have become the go-to spot for those who appreciate life’s luxuries and good old-fashioned camaraderie.

So, mark your calendars for the last Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m., because that’s when we’re strolling through the neighborhood, checking out different spots as each host throws open their doors to our little slice of paradise. It’s simple reallywe wanted to create a laid-back zone where everyone, from newcomers to cigar buffs, can just chill. It’s all about unwinding, enjoying top-notch cigars and scotch, and shooting the breeze with folks who just get it.

More Than Just Cigars: It’s a Whole Vibe

Our crew has grown bigger than we ever imagined, all thanks to our vibe of inclusivity. It’s not just about puffing on cigars; it’s about building a community, sharing stories, and finding that perfect scotch to complement your stogie.

In the words of our April host Larry Zimmerman, “The Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup feels like a second home to all of us. Here, sharing a smoke and a sip isn’t just an activity; it’s a bond that brings us closer. We’re pumped for our next big meetupit’s gonna be epic!”

Want to know more about what’s cooking at the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup? Swing by and join us for an experience that’s all about good vibes, great company, and the finer things in life.

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Come hang with us at the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup, where every puff and pour is a toast to chill vibes and living it up.