Ready for a New Hobby in 2020?

Stacey Trefielo

Stained glass at Robson Ranch is ready to help you find your inner artist. We have Beginner Orientation classes each month. Our class provides you with the necessary skills to create a wonderful handmade project. After that, you will be ready to continue creating beautiful stained glass on your own.

Thoughts from a newbie in 2019:

“The very thought of trying to make anything crafty or artsy sent me running in the opposite direction. I WAS SO WRONG!

I attended the Beginner Orientation class and was amazed at what I could do. The instructors made it easy and all of the tools I needed were available in the studio. I have made four small items to date and they have all turned out pretty good. Of course, they are handmade and I’m still learning, but I’m super excited about continuing to make stained glass items for years to come.” — Stacey T.

We would love for you to find your inner artist and join us for a future class or stop in and see what it’s all about.

For more information contact Diane at [email protected].