RC Club Winter Season Racing Results

Winter awards

Winter awards

Bob Kehoe

The Winter Racing Season has come to a close for the Robson Ranch RC Club. It proved to be another success, including increased participants (approximately 36) and numbers of spectators.

“Even with our month shutdown due to COVID, we were still able to put together a full points season,” said Bill Engler, club vice-president. “I want to again thank all the racers for their help and support throughout the season, along with their unwavering sportsmanship.”

The Summer Racing Season will begin on May 4, at 8 a.m. For additional information, visit the club website at www.sites.google.com/view/rrrc.

2020-21 Winter Championship (by Division)


First: John Messenger

Second: Bob Kehoe

Third: Tony Ugalde


First: Jerry Lundberg

Second: Bob Furu

Third: Henry Morgan


First: Bernie Blomer

Second: Gene Oster

Third: Ken Haines


First: Don Klose

Second: John Wray

Third: Dave Handlen


First: Bill Engler

Second: Don Klose

Third: Jerry Lundberg


First: Don Klose

Second: Dave Handlen

Third: Bill Engler