Play Your Best Pool: Improving Your Stance Can Greatly Improve Your Game

Johnny Henson, Professor Pool

Most players struggle to improve their billiard game. They overlook the importance of the stance. I would say that no two players stand the same way at the table. Their personal preference and also their unique physical characteristics can influence a player’s stance. Some goals that you should have when developing your stance will be some of the following:

1. You should set up to provide a solid body foundation to avoid any unnecessary movement before or after the shot.

2. Be comfortable and tension-free as much as possible while shooting.

3. Line up and position the cue stick level and straight on the shooting line.

4. Remain balanced during the setup and the performance of the shot.

5. The perfect stance will allow the lower arm and grip hand to swing freely from the elbow during the backstroke and the finish of the shot.

Start with your back foot (right foot for a right-handed player) on or near the shooting line. Stand up with your cue stick near the cue ball, and your grip hand by your side. From this starting position, you will find that your body will be close to where it should be when you bend over. Developing a standard starting position with your back leg and body on every shot that is possible will help you to start to develop a repeatable stance and also a repeatable stroke. It can’t be overemphasized that developing a standard stance is key to you greatly improving your game. Remember that a better stance will cause you to stroke and play better. I hope this helps. Contact us for more information at [email protected] or call 623-377-0042. Visit to learn more about our classes to take your game to the next level.