Pinal County Animal Care and Control Receives Handmade Cards

Audra Michael, director of Pinal County Animal Care and Control, shows a dog card and a cat card as a furry friend looks on.

Jaine Toth

Various card-making classes are offered twice monthly through the Robson Ranch Paper Crafting Club. The joy of creating them spurs the members on to making cards for various charitable projects.

The most recent charitable project was to make cards for the shelter run by Pinal County Animal Care and Control. Member Jaine Toth took a packet of 73 cards, some with cats, some with dogs, some with both, depicted on the front, and others simply with paw prints. All said, “Thank You,” and some had a message inside thanking the adopter for giving a precious animal a forever home. The receptionist became animated when she saw the bag of cards and asked, “Are these more thank you cards?” She mentioned how much they enjoyed giving them out and asked, “Do they all say, “Thank you for my forever home?” When told some simply say, “Thank you,” she was so pleased and said they could be used not just for adopters but also for donors who provide items and money to help with the multiple needs of the shelter and its animal guests. She then guided Jaine to Audra Michael, the shelter director, who gladly accepted the bag of cards.

This is just one example of our activities. Future classes will also be offered for scrapbooking.

New members are always welcome. The club meets at the Creative Arts Center on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Thursdays from noon to 4 p.m. For more information, contact club president Pat Serveiss at [email protected] or 719-661-1582.