Unique Creations from the Pottery Lidded Box Class

Pictured with a display of pottery lidded boxes are (left to right) Roseann James, Judy Marino, Desiree Conwell, and Kathy Laubon.

The Ceramics and Pottery Club recently completed several classes to teach members how to make a box with a lid. The results could not be more stunning. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no boxes that were created looked the same!

We are pleased to offer classes like this for our members to continue their journeys into clay work. Ceramics is not your kids’ ashtrays of the past. Bowls and trays are made in our club, but so are items like these lidded boxes, totems, ornaments, and ceramic animals. After you take the orientation class, you can learn to make these items. If you are interested in learning more about our club or want to sign up for an orientation class, please email Mary Ann Bechtel at [email protected]. We would love to share our passion of ceramics and pottery with you!