Pigs Are Flying

Doris Betuel

The Ceramics and Pottery Club recently had a “Make a Pig” class! Members were treated to a fun-filled class in which we learned how to craft pigs of all shapes and sizes. Our instructors were Debbie Olguin and Mary Ann Bechtel, and we were taught how to manipulate clay into different shapes, then smoosh (that is the technical term) these shapes into larger lumps of clay. It was so much fun, as we all shared laughs and amazement as our lumps of clay began to look like pigs. No pig was alike, but all were adorable. Check out the members and their pigs! You, too, can learn to make dishes, plates, and even pigs! Please email Mary Ann Bechtel at [email protected] for further information or to sign up for our next orientation class. Let’s smoosh some clay together!