Classic Songs and Community—Local Musician Doug Roraback

Doug Roraback

What is it about music that makes us feel connected? For Doug Roraback, performing classic songs that speak to many of us creates a sense of community. Before moving to Robson Ranch with his wife Anne, Doug entertained audiences as a solo artist and with his band, the Double Diamonds, all around the Pacific Northwest.

Growing up in Seattle, Doug stood out in his school and church choirs with his clear tenor voice, joining the Seattle Opera for a season at age 21. When he needed to support his other great love, snow skiing, Doug picked up a guitar and started playing gigs at ski resorts. He favored country and folk artists that packed an emotional punch: the visual storytelling of John Denver; the gritty melodies of Johnny Cash.

As Doug built and ran his own excavation business, he continued performing in choral groups, including an all-male gospel choir and the Village Voices of Leavenworth, Wash. Doug’s love of vocal music followed him to his longtime home on Whidbey Island, where his wife Anne encouraged him to share his gift with others. A playlist featuring Doug’s rich baritone voice, honed over years of delivering his versions of the most soulful American songs, began taking shape in living room practice sessions.

Finally, it was time for Doug to hang up the business and sell off his heavy equipment. With the proceeds, he bought his hand-crafted guitar and a sound system. The minivan could just accommodate the new equipment, and Anne signed on as Doug’s “roadie.” From retirement communities and churches to cafes and clubs, Doug performed audience favorites spanning country, folk, and gospel music. Audience participation was a must, with much of the concert devoted to song requests from Doug’s playlist.

When Doug joined with three other musicians who would become the Double Diamonds, gigs came easy, at local fairs and community celebrations. The band released an album in 2019, in addition to Doug’s solo album the previous year. The latest album from the Double Diamonds, titled “Know You By Heart,” is now live on major streaming platforms.

This fall, Doug and Anne look forward to bringing Doug’s show to Robson Ranch and surrounding communities. Doug loves interacting with his audience and sharing some of the stories behind the music he performs. Lately, he’s been adding more dance songs, calling people to their feet to clap, tap, or swing with their sweethearts. It’s all about bringing people together, Doug says, while making them feel right at home.

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