Paper Crafting Club Member Profile: Paddy Paulsen

Paddy with Canada Day and St. Patrick’s Day cards

Jaine Toth

Paddy Paulsen and her husband Joe are some of the original Robson Ranch residents, having moved in on Valentine’s Day 2007. Since then, she manages to find time between their frequent travels to join and participate in a variety of activities here at Robson Ranch. “In addition to the Paper Crafting Club,” she said, “I am a member of the Jewelry Club; the Democratic Club; Ropin’ In Your Relatives (a genealogy club); Spirit Lifters (an interfaith gathering); and I play Mah Jongg with a neighborhood group.”

Paddy joined the Paper Crafting Club just before the pandemic closed us down for a year. Intrigued by the process, but not having enough knowledge yet nor much in the way of materials at home to work with, she let her cardmaking lapse until some classes were offered. Once we reopened, she came when her busy schedule permitted, but still felt she needed more instruction, so she started coming only to classes for a while. She explained: “Being a novice, and with so much material and equipment, I felt a bit overwhelmed. By waiting to take a few classes, I got the basic drift of how to make a card, and it gave me more incentive to try making some on my own. I still prefer to do the classes, though. They give me ideas on how to go ahead and make some by myself, and now I’m more comfortable to come on regular days and make some cards. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”

She went on to say, “I found some paper in the closet with Canadian themes and made a couple of cards for Canada Day. Being part Irish (note my name is Paddy!) I also enjoyed making St. Patrick’s Day cards. When I send cards, I don’t tell them I made it, but I have a “made by” stamp that I use on the back of the card. I’ve had someone call and say, “Oh, my goodness—you made this! That’s great!” My relatives are impressed and that makes me feel so good.”

Paddy took the latest class in which Georgia Brosnihan taught the eye-catching braided technique. She admits, “I had trouble getting started (so did many of us), but in the end they looked pretty good.” She finished three Christmas-themed braided cards. “My goal,” she said, “is to eventually make all my Christmas cards.”

“It feels so good to accomplish something artistic made with my own hands. I haven’t done a lot of that. At the jewelry club I also depend on the classes.”

“My husband Joe is so supportive and encouraging of all my activities. He’s glad to see me doing something besides housework! I think I enjoy it as much for the camaraderie as the artwork. I get to meet new people and also come away with something I created. Doubly enriching!”