Arizona’s Summer Heat Continues

Desert in Bloom at Madaras Gallery

57 Quilts and Afghans Delivered by Desert Threads

The Color Wheel and Color Mixing

Desert in Bloom at Madaras Gallery

Diana Madaras’ Desert in Bloom

Nina Berghausen Diana Madaras’ bold, colorful paintings capture the beauty of the desert in bloom. Explore the local flora and fauna through the eyes of an artist, including prickly pear blooms, wildflowers, and poppies, from July 1 through 31 at Madaras Gallery, located at 3035 N. Swan Road in Tucson. The gallery is open seven days…

Crafting Fun, Bringing Smiles

Club member Pat Serveiss with Jason, a hospital volunteer at the Tucson–Southern Arizona Veterans Hospital

Jaine Toth The Robson Papercrafting Group helped bring smiles with their handmade cards at two different charitable organizations in May. Jaine Toth visited the Pinal County Animal Shelter on May 18 and presented 50 cards to Adoption Coordinator Braidy Susel. The intent is for them to hand them out to people adopting pets. Susel assured…

Fly With the Butterflies and Doreen

The following participants got "the butterflies" with Doreen Beers, the lead flyer (left to right): Concepta Savage, Linda Webb, Maryan Hopkins, Doreen Beers, Diana Mikol, and Connie Wiletzky.

Nancy Friedman, Co-Education Chairman Butterflies were the topic of the day when Doreen Beers demonstrated how to paint butterflies in watercolor on May 18. Her six participants learned the wet-on-wet and wet-to-dry techniques of watercolor to start their basic butterflies, and then went on to embellish them with a white gel pen and black ink.…

57 Quilts and Afghans Delivered by Desert Threads

Sue Bart Our community service chair, Jody Edwards, with President Diana Jones, delivered 15 quilts to U.S. Veterans on May 14. They also delivered 31 kids’ quilts, nine adult quilts, and two knitted afghans to United Methodist Outreach Ministries (UMOM) in Phoenix. What was amazing about this delivery was that all of the quilts delivered…