New Year New Shop New Opportunities

Ken Hansen

This year brings an increase in the size of our wood shop to meet the needs of our growing community and membership. The need has been met with an expansion of the shop into 14 feet of the east end of the old IGA grocery store. The move was made easy by opening a six-foot door between our existing shop and new area.

We now have a very nice assembly area plus a number of additional pieces of equipment from storage and several new pieces that were purchased. We also have replaced our old hand-me-down storage cabinets with new ones, several custom-built by members, to store unique tools.

The Assembly Area is set up with hand tools, new benches made by members, pull down power cords, air filtration and plenty of room to assemble projects.

The existing shop area is upgraded with better dust collection, lighting, and relocation of the chip collection system.

We have a full range of equipment and hand tools plus members who are always ready to help. There is a wide cross section of members, both men and woman, with varying skill levels. If you are interested but need to learn or “brush up” on your wood working skills, join the club and go to some of the classes and demonstrations that we have.

If you are interested call 425-765-5147 or stop by the shop any weekday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. A monitor will show you around the shop and sign you up for orientation.

Check out our website at