Needle Crafters Show and Tell

Diana Oleson

Dianne Van Syoc fell in love with a pastel color combination when she saw an unfinished kit at a garage sale in the 1990s. The price was right. And the pattern looked easy enough to duplicate (about 2 inches had been started, but there were no written directions).

Life events and big changes … and the bag of yarn was put away for another day. When Dianne moved to Robson, she decided one good way to meet others here would include joining the Needle Crafters club. The would-be baby blanket finally had its day!

Now that it’s done, Dianne plans to donate it to a local charity that gives blankets to children.

Marcy Leland cross stitched a Beautiful “Home” pillow as a gift for her niece who just purchased her first home. The cross stitch “Tug of War” picture took nearly two years to complete and will be framed to hang in Marcy’s sewing room.

Mary Debout says, “I was very fortunate to find this group to join last year, and with the guidance I received there, I was able to learn to knit. I have made many projects, learned so much, made so many mistakes, and have had so much fun with the Needle Crafters group. Great people!”

Tamy Thomsen was a new knitter and her instructor started her on a child-size sweater with double pointed needles in February 2020. Then the pandemic hit, so class disbursed. Tamy joined the Needle Crafters and finished her sweater. I was really impressed that she took on such a difficult project as a new knitter and has done an excellent job!

Jeanne Evans is working on a cross-stitch picture as a gift for a new member of the family. All of Jeanne’s cross-stitch projects have come out beautifully. She also crochets hats and doll blankets for our charities.

Come join the fun Thursdays, 9 a.m. to noon, at the Creative Arts Center Studio VI.