Mixed Putting League enjoys inaugural gala dinner


Mona Rod and Gloria Lamere

The Robson Mixed Putting League has been enjoying our unseasonably warm weather this winter with lots of return putters, and they’re bringing new folks in with each event. The January 18 game was a team event and the winners were Mary Pryor, Gloria Lamere, Mona Rod and Kandis Larkey (net, first place, $12 each), Stan Lukasik, Tom Osoba, John Fischer, and Larry Kraus (net, second place, $9 each). Individual gross was won by Lee Thompson (first, $11). Individual net was won by Kandis Larkey ($11). The money hole was a tough one, but four people managed to make that difficult putt-congratulations to Gloria Lamere, Kandis Larkey, Geralyn Osoba and Craig Spittel ($24 each). Beat the pro was won by Terry Kumbera and Lee Thompson ($22 each).

Results of our February 1 event were for net: Sam Achman (first $18), Susan Schneider (second $15), Virgil Gorsch (third $13). Gross winners were Nick Pike (first $18), Ben Blisset (second $15), Jim Baxter (third $13). Blind draws were won by Russ Stocek and Fran Fowler ($8 each). We’ve got some great putters here at Robson, and the money hole was won by three people again this week. Congratulations to Ben Blisset, Lori Morrin and Craig Spittel ($24 each).

After our February 1 event, the group enjoyed their first annual gala dinner. Eighty people enjoyed the dinner and the following awards were given:

Putter of the Year Gross Scores: Mike Stacey

Putter of the Year Net Scores: Patty Bruchez

Most Improved Putter: DuWayne Lamere

Most Holes in One: Nick Pike

Special thanks to Benjamin, Sarah, Heather and staff at the grill for the wonderful meal and excellent service! Our next putting event will be Thursday, February 15. Sign up at the pro shop to join in the fun! You don’t have to be a golfer, just bring a putter, a ball, and join in the fun with your neighbors!