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Love Is in the Air at the Fused Glass Studio

Tamara Weaver

The Robson Ranch Glass Fusion Club is springing into February, mindfully speaking, with the language of love for all of our friends and family. Our club hopes everyone at the Ranch has transitioned into the new year with joy and happiness. With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air in our studio, and we hope it’s in every breath you breathe.

Take a peek at some of the creative ways our club members have crafted their art to demonstrate love and delight themselves and their loved ones.

Consider joining us by signing up for the beginner’s class which is offered once a month. Contact Doris Betuel at 520-273-4179 for more information. It would be negligent to not add a public safety announcement if you move forward; it’s addicting, it’s fun, and it will consume your thoughts! You will find yourself eating, sleeping, and dreaming of glass art. You will love it!