Ladies Social Club Luncheon

Speakers Beth Meyers and Debbie Maxwell

Speakers Beth Meyers and Debbie Maxwell

Nora Shelton

The Robson Ranch Ladies Social Club held their luncheon on Monday, Oct. 11. Debbie Maxwell, our copresident, and Beth Meyers, a club member, shared their experience with breast cancer, as October was Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Debbie began by saying that she was shocked when she heard the words “You’ve got cancer,” from the doctor. Even though there are many women who get breast cancer, you never believe that it’s going to be you. In fact, one out of every eight women get breast cancer in the U.S. Debbie went on to share her story and the many challenges she had to face. She stressed that early detection is very important, and that you need to be your own advocate and get second opinions when needed. Thankfully, Debbie is now cancer-free and feeling great. She recommends that women get a mammogram every year—she found out how important it really is.

Beth also shared her experience with breast cancer and provided information about a test that she highly recommends when treatment is being considered for breast cancer. It’s called the Oncotype DX test, and it is performed on the most common types of early breast cancer. A recurrence score from 1 to 100 is determined. Scores below 25 mean that chemotherapy may not be beneficial, while scores above 25 indicate that the patient would likely benefit from chemotherapy. Not all insurance companies pay for this test, and not all oncologists order it, however Beth recommends the test as it helps eliminate the concern of being over-treated or under-treated for cancer.

Thanks to both of these women for sharing their personal experiences with breast cancer. Their words and the information they provided were appreciated by all.

The Robson Ranch Ladies Social Club luncheons are held on the second Monday of the month at 11:15 a.m. in the Robson Ranch Grill dining room. Everyone is welcome to attend!