How to Be a Kick-Ass 90-Year-Old

Shawn Danielson, PT, DPT

Good genes.




Three of these, we have the ability to control every day. Exercise is the best medicine we have to create a robust, resilient body. But it takes hard work to get the results you want. I help couples or individuals ages 50 and older get fit so you can play golf with your grandkids and keep on hiking that mountain. You worked hard to get here, why stop now?

In 12 weeks, one of my clients, Marilyn H., was able to increase her grip strength from the 75th percentile to the 92nd percentile for females her age. Here’s what she had to say:

“We recommend Shawn’s program to anyone wishing to improve their physical well-being. Mental and emotional benefits are a plus. Because Shawn tailors programs to meet the specific needs of his clients and alters them as identified needs or interests arise, it would benefit any age bracket and/or anyone physically challenged to any degree. Exercises were regularly updated to reflect these needs and certainly prevented repetitious boredom! Lots of stretches for one, and more weights for the other. I never thought I’d fall for a 25-lb. kettlebell, but there it is! Shawn was available any time for questions and concerns and followed up with weekly check-in phone calls. Visits to us at our home are an option as well. We loved the experience with this kind and conscientious physical therapist! Go for it!”

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