Hoods vs. Preps game Monday, March 17

Ron Hunt, Robson Softball Club President

It’s time for the most entertaining, raucous, and fun events of the year at Robson, the 3rd Annual Hoods vs. Preps game at Robson Ranch.

It’s the hoodlums from the wrong side of the Dog Park verses the Preppies from the right side. The Villa Villains versus the Home Team. The Bad verses the Good. The boys your mother warned you about verses the boys your father would have been proud to call “son”.

OK, I think you get the idea! It’s a rumble between two rival residential areas.

Oh, did I mention it’s a softball game with old men playing? Oh, now it doesn’t sound so tough you’re thinking? Well, just wait till you see ‘em battle it out!

Come out and cheer for your favorite side. And get your full-throated jeers ready for the opponents and their fans as the biggest grudge match of the season starts at 3 PM, Sunday March 17th. Plenty of peanuts and cracker jacks will be on hand.

Play ball!