RRLG news and scores

Patty Bruchez, 2018 winner, presents the Developer’s Cup to Jean DeChristopher, 2019 winner.

The Robson Ranch Ladies Golf League held four weeks of league play in January. First was the Long and Short event on January 8; score was the total of all par 3s, all par 5s plus the longest par 4. Event winners were as follows:

Flight 1: 1st, Lorna Watts 2nd, Candy Burtis and Mary Nielsen, 3rd, Bobbi Johnson

Flight 2: 1st, Pat Linderman; 2nd, Shirley Eliuk; 3rd, Susan Worner

Flight 3: 1st, Becky Hamilton; 2nd, Mary Pryor

Flight 4: 1st, Flo Van Volkom; 2nd, Fran Fowler; 3rd, Bev Guidinger

Flight 5: 1st, Marcia Tiefenthaler; 2nd, Dema Harris; 3rd, Carol Hallock

Flight 6: 1st, Debra Parker; 2nd, Linda Valli; 3rd, Raquel Carvallo

Flight 7: 1st, Linda Walker; 2nd, Patti Baumann

Flight 8: 1st, Jeri Srenaski

The January 15 event was the Developer’s Cup. The event is an annual event with the lowest net score from all flights declared the winner of the Developer’s Cup. Jean DeChristopher was the 2019 Winner.

Flight winners with low net scores were

Flight 1: 1st, Mary Nielsen; 2nd, Lorna Watts; 3rd, Kathy Holwick

Flight 2: 1st, Cindy Jensen; 2nd, Mary Pryor; 3rd, Lois Hammond

Flight 3: 1st, Robin Barber; 2nd, Fran Fowler; 3rd, Betty Kumbera

Flight 4: 1st, Jeri Srenaski; 2nd, Carol Hallock; 3rd, Glady Miller

Flight 5: 1st, Raquel Carvallo; 2nd, Debra Parker; 3rd, Linda Valli

Flight 6: 1st, Linda Walker; 2nd, Barbara Gayer; 3rd, Ellen Fearing

The January 22 event was a Member-Guest day. All league members had the opportunity to invite other Robson Ranch lady golfers who were not part of the league; a fun day to learn more about our league and members.

The final event for January on the 29th was a Blind 9 Individual event; after completion of play nine holes were drawn for the day’s score.

Flight 1: 1st, Lorna Watts; 2nd, Karen Connell; 3rd, Regina Bellach

Flight 2: 1st, Patty Bruchez; 2nd, Pat Linderman; 3rd, Cindy Jensen

Flight 3: 1st, Jeri Srenaski; 2nd, Betty Kumbera; 3rd, Char Burrill

Flight 4: 1st, Sally Fullington; 2nd, Carol Hallock; 3rd, Dee Lee

Flight 5: 1st, Georgia Pedersen; 2nd, Linda Valli; 3rd, Ellen Fearing

Flight 6: 1st, Jan Stocek; 2nd, Barbara Gayer; 3rd, Connie Drew

New league members this month were Chris Ogrodowski and Robyn Tanke.