Gourd Fracking

Left to right: Doris Betuel, Sandi Martin, Faith Pales, Linda Millard, Janet Bloam, Kim Conklin

Doris Betuel

There are many different techniques in crafting gourd art. One of the most unusual and fascinating methods is fracking.

What is gourd fracking? It is basically frying a dried gourd. You lather up your gourd with a water/baking soda mixture, attach two electrodes to it, turn on the fracking machine, and watch unique and beautiful patterns burned onto the surface of the gourd. Extensive safety protocols must be in place to ensure the safety of anyone undertaking this process. The results could not be more stunning with patterns resuming lightning bolts flashing across the gourd surface. No one gourd comes out alike due to differences in surface conditions and overall dryness of the interior. The Gourd Club was lucky enough to have a recent demonstration of gourd fracking. We wish to thank Nancy Fisher who kindly electrocuted our gourds for us!

If you would like to give gourd art a try, consider taking an orientation class and joining our active and fun club. Please contact Doris Betuel at [email protected] if you would like more information or to sign up for a future orientation class. We would love to show you how much fun and creativity you can have with a dried gourd.