Reading Between the Wines

Members of the Reading Between the Wines book club, standing: Jane, Debbie, Becky, Barbara, Betsy; seated: Bobbie, Linda, Debby, Julie

The Reading Between the Wines book club has been together since November 2009. Sure some members have left or moved; others have joined. But each month we get together to discuss the book that the hostess has chosen. Of course, wine is included!

Recently, Becky Sheffler chose the historical fiction book, The Giver of the Stars by Jojo Moyes. Learning about the packhorse librarians who traveled the mountains of Kentucky during the 1930s and 1940s brought to life a history that very few know. These brave women fought against the families they served, the weather, and the culture of the times. It’s a highly recommended read!

After discussion of the book, the conversations take other turns. This month we think we have solved the mystery of the “booms” that residents have heard in our community. Let’s just say that the “boom” has been identified! By us anyway!

Although our group is closed at this time, it’s easy to get a book club started. Just find one or two other people who love to read different genres, and before you know it, your club will grow, too. This year will be our 15th anniversary!