Furry Best Friends

Joanie Branson

Cindy Nastav

Doris Betuel

Janet Krummann

Janet Krummann

Diane Kay

Tamara Weaver

Once upon a time in a cozy 55+ resort ranch community lived some incredibly adorable pets and their equally amazing owners. For many, the pitter patter of their once little children has passed; so, they now spend their days pampering their loyal little four-legged furry family members.

There’s a special magic that exists between pets and their owners, and that magic flourishes in the glass fusion studio. Pictured are some glass fusion pieces completed by our club members. If you like what you see, we welcome all pet lovers to come join our fun community of artists. Consider joining us by signing up for the beginner’s class, which is offered once a month. Contact Doris Betuel at [email protected] for more information.